How does it work

How does Geolina work? The graphite contained in the ampoule absorbs electromagnetic radiation

Grafite contro l'elettrosmogGraphite is a mineral having an extremely high electric conducibility. It is a material with the main characteristic of being extremely thin, almost impalpable, since it is made up by crystals measuring up to 5nm (nanometers). This brings to a very high surface area which can easily exceed 1000 m2/g.
The extreme conducibility and the wide surface area are the characteristics that make graphite an outstanding antidote against every kind of radiation and electromagnetic waves.

Since our body is a conductor of electricity, it absorbs and holds all the electromagnetic emissions of the surrounding environment.
Staying barefoot can help to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charges but it isn’t enough to prevent the frequencies of these emissions from affecting the natural biorhythm of the human body.
These alterations can bring to symptoms such as hadache, astenia, weakness and depression.
Recent studies have proved that in many cases these symptoms disappear after a few days of use of ampoule-contained graphite.

come funziona geolinaHow does Geolina work?

Geolina is made of a metal necklace having a good electric conducibility and a small glass bottle containing graphite.
The necklace, working as an “antenna”, has the task of capturing the electromagnetic radiation and the electrostatic charges absorbed by our body and of discharging them into the ampoule.
The graphite contained in the ampoule, thanks to its radio absorbing properties, acts just like a condenser: it captures the radiation picked up by the metal necklace in contact with the skin, and it holds the electric charge, confining it inside the ampoule until Geolina is discharged.
Discharging Geolina is indeed very easy: in the evening you will just have to put Geolina in contact with a “grounding” (like a radiator) or to hang it to a long nail threaded deeply inside a wall. This will be enough to empty Geolina from the electrical charge.

Geolina cleverly makes the most of graphite and its properties. It is a “ready to wear” and technologically advanced design object.

Discover how to make the most of Geolina , in order to optimize its effectiveness.


the radiation shield necklace that protects you from elettromagnetic pollution