How to use it

How to get the best from Geolina? You just need to do two simple things in order to optimize Geolina’s effectiveness.

How to use: contact with the skin1. Use by contact

Wearing Geolina in contact with the skin all day long, especially during the exposition to environments polluted by electromagnetic radiation, for example while using electrical devices such as TV, computers, mobile phones, smartphones and wireless devices.
In order to help Geolina maintain its high performances in everyday use, it is recommended to pay attention to its contact and regeneration times. The regeneration time needs to be as long as the contact time, in order to be complete (for instance 6hours of use/6 hours of regeneration or 12 hours of use/12 hours of regeneration)

2. Regeneration by “grounding”

Appendere ad un termosifone non smaltatoGeolina needs to be  “regenerated” after the use. We can do it easily by hanging it to a radiator (not enamelled), making sure that the necklace is in contact with the metal part of the radiator (see fig.2). If you don’t have a radiator, you can hang Geolina to a long nail inserted deeply into the wall (see fig.3).
Regeneration by groundingThe aim is to let Geolina release the charge accumulated during the hours of exposition to radiating environments.
To ensure the highest performances, we recommend to rigenerate Geolina for a time as long as the time of use.


the radiation shield necklace that protects you from elettromagnetic pollution