Welcome to geolina.it

Welcome to geolina.it

Geolina is a necklace absorbing electromagnetic pollution. Ready-to-wear and with a minimalist design, the necklace has a pendant made of a nice glass ampoule containing graphite and closed by a natural cork topper.
Geolina was originally the result of research and experiments carried out only for personal use and just for some very close friends. Word of mouth and the internet did the rest and after the great interest shown by many people and the many requests for the necklace, we had the idea of giving it a name and an identity: Geolina.
The name Geolina comes from the combination of two words, Geo (standing for “Earth”, i.e. Graphite) and lina which is an abbreviation standing for the Italian word “collanina” (necklace). The idea of making graphite part of an everyday object like a necklace was born as a consequence of the experiments on graphite carried out by Prof. Maurizio Ricciardi, physiologist at Tor Vergata Rome University.
Although Geolina’s functions and effectiveness are based on scientific studies carried out by professionals, the necklace is not to be considered a medical device but a ready-to-wear object making use of a material with specific properties.

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Grafite, a remedy against electromagnetic pollution

An articol from Corriere della Sera  , an historical and well-known Italian newspaper, talks about the positive effects of graphite in contrasting electromagnetic pollution. The article dates back to 1997 and since then wireless devices have spread out dramatically.

We are sorrounded by electromagnetic pollution: mobile phones, microwave ovens, tvs, monitors, neon lamps are all sources of weak electromagnetic waves.
But keeping in the poket some graphite – the material we obtain tempering a pencil- would be enough to have an effective antidote to the potential negative effects of those emissions (such as hadache, astenia, weakness and depression).
In particular, the most effective way to use graphite would be to put it in a test tube or glass ampoule in contact with the skin. This is what Prof. Maurizio Ricciardi, physiologist at Tor Vergata’s Rome University, suggests to his patients.

“We just have to fill ¾ of a common galss ampoule with the graphite obtained by tempering a pencil – he explains- but attention! Keeping a whole pencil in the poket doesn’t work because in this case the graphite would be insulated by the wooden part. Obviously, we will have to pay attention to the discharging phase: at the end of the day we will have to discharge the ampoule by leaving it, for example, in contact with a radiator or with some water pipes all nigth long in order to ground all the accumulated electrical charges”.

Prof. Ricciardi explains also that even a switched off tv shouldn’t be kept in the same room where we sleep and that also all the lights should be switched off because they emit some low frequency waves wich affect the biological waves our cells naturally produce. “Also quartz watches may affect our health if kept in contact with our skin”, Prof. Ricciardi says. Every object having an electromagntic field, even if weak, can affect our health. This is proved by the fact that in Germany some regulations to protect the users already exist. “As a matter of fact, the method of the ampoule containing graphite has been tested in Germany – Prof. Ricciardi points out – “where the ampoules are even on sale at a price of 300.000£ (around 150 $) each.

Actually, anyone can create their own anti-radiation shield ampoule without any expense. In Italy many practitioners are already using graphite ampoules as a precaution: for example, I always have in the pocket my ampoule containing graphite. It is a sort of shield able to absorb electromagnetic frequencies: it protects us from the micro-signals emitted by cars theft protection systems, or by other sources such as mobile phones. We have observed that many cases of headache, astenia and depression get well after just a few days if the patient uses the graphite ampoule” Prof. Ricciardi says, “Why not taking advantage of it?”.

Angelo de’ Micheli

Corriere della Salute | Benessere a Sapersi
Pagina 5 – 10 febbraio 1997 – Corriere della Sera

the radiation shield necklace that protects you from elettromagnetic pollution