What is Geolina ?

What is Geolina? What is Geolina ? Geolina is an anti-radiation necklace that absorbs electromagnetic pollution

In the last few years we have understood how groups of cells in our body pass information to one another using elettromagnetic signals. Every atom of every molecule and every intermolecular force emit some very specific frequencies on the basis of which our biological body is calibrated. Moreover, the word body itself stands for the complete structure of an organism, made up of many interconnected elements.

We are exposed every day to elettromagnetic vibrations coming from wireless devices, mobile phones, elettrical lines, elettrical appliances (tv, radio, pc, microvawes, etc…), as well as from railways and trams, radio, radar and bluetooth devices, all affecting our body’s natural biorythm. Some of their most common effects are headhakes, weakness, depression and behavioural disorders.
Research has proved the effectiveness of some remedies: the simptoms caused by elettrosmog tend to disappear after some days of application on the body of a small vial containing graphite.

Geolina  is a practical and plain radiation shield, a small and easy to wear pendant, that offers a useful protection against the elettromagnetic pollution effects. A simple device with an essential design. Learn more on how does it work  and on how to use it in order to optimize its effectiveness.

the radiation shield necklace that protects you from elettromagnetic pollution